Challenge EveryDAY


  "Wishful Dreaming" All Day Long.
Wishful Dreaming is modern visual poetic verse. 
As you read my words you will see your living visual life, 
Past and present. To embrace your present being and see 
Your future being please have a meaningful sleep
And let your sleep unconscious state of your body be a source of energy 
So your mind can concentrate on what your needs are and any 
Questions relating to work, education, relationship and life in general. 
Embrace the need to sleep to revitalize your living body, mind and soul. 
Let the art of the true gypsy who can foresee and foretell your future 
Decide your Dreaming Path. Wishful Dreaming is a Digital Ebook 
Which is on sale through the Apples iTunes-ibook store.
A Free sample download is available now.
Please consider a creative and supportive full version sale. 
Thank You.

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